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​The TimeLine Experience

​For many years TimeLine Auctions have been introducing thousands of collectors around the world to the pleasures of appreciating collectable antiquities and coins.

Our intention is to provide an educational, inviting and entertaining introduction to the world of collecting, and to inspire in our visitors an enthusiasm for collecting and curating items of historical interest. We hope to encourage our clients to become knowledgeable and avid collectors with a keen appreciation of the history and significance of the items in their care and a lasting interest in their specialist subject areas.

Collecting becomes a passion. With each new acquisition, the collector’s knowledge and experience grows. Familiarity with the details of any subject or era - be it Bronze Age Europe, the classical Mediterranean world, the ancient cultures of India and Southeast Asia, China or the pre-Columbian Americas ​- inspires the collector to refine and develop his taste, and deepens his appreciation of the items he already possesses.

TimeLine Auctions are happy to advise collectors on appropriate methods of conservation and display, so that their acquisitions may be enjoyed and appreciated to the best effect. Our in-house cataloguing and research team is augmented by a panel of world-class experts in a range of cultural and historical fields who apply their decades of experience to providing accurate and thorough descriptions of the items offered in our sales.

Our rostrum auctions are held in the heart of London.

We take every care to make the process of bidding for items in our rostrum sales enjoyable and entertaining.
The most enjoyable aspect for many collectors is adding a new acquisition to an existing collection. TimeLine Auctions works with reputable packers, carriers and delivery agents, to arrange despatch worldwide (subject to local customs and other regulations) from our dedicated office premises. We are pleased to offer advice on aspects of transport and to complete the relevant documentation but we always recommend that clients check with the relevant authorities about local restrictions before bidding.

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