Gandharan Over Life-Size Bodhisattva HeadChinese Tang Polo Player Figurine PairChinese Tang Horse and Rider FigurineEgyptian Neferhotep StatuetteByzantine Gilt Silver St. Apollinaris Reliquary CasketSouth Arabian SteleRhyolite Shabti for King SenkamaniskenMedieval Gold Iconographic RingOffa - East Anglia / Ecghun - Star of David PennyWestern Asiatic Canaanite Votive Seated DeityMedieval Gold Bird of Prey Signet RingBronze Age Heavy Gold BraceletGandharan Standing Bodhisattva StatueGandharan Meditating Buddha StatueEmpress Matilda - Pembroke / Gillapaidrig - Unique Cross Moline PennyRoman Marble Head of a GoddessRoman Floor Mosaic with CharioteerGandharan Crouching Atlas StatueEarl of Lucan Gold Armorial Seal Ring and Fob Seal PairRoman Fine and Important Bronze Statuette of VenusByzantine Gilt Silver Chalice Pair

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