Western Asiatic Large Seated 'Princess' Idol - Sold for: £22,500Celtic Gold Heavily Ornamented Armring - Sold for: £111,600Celtic Enamelled Hidden Faces Bridle Mount  - Sold for: £42,500Medieval Gold Iconographic Glove Ring - Sold for: £68,200Joan of Arc Devotional Ring with Casket and Documents - Sold for: £297,600Viking Gilt-Bronze Box Brooch with Entwined Animals - Sold for: £47,795Norman Corbel with Beast-Heads and Face - Sold for: £17,500Roman Aphrodite of Knidos Statuette - Sold for: £20,000Pseudo Carolingian Gold Mancus -Sold for: £70,180Roman Monument to Senator Apellinarius and Kallisti - Sold for: £59,520Lot 0209: Jeholosaurus Biped Dinosaur £12,000 - £17,000Armorial Ring for Johann Ernst I, Related to Anne of Cleves, Wife of King Henry VIII of England - Sold for: £68,200Greek Corinthian Helmet - Sold for: £55,000Roman Legion VII Military Standard Finial - Sold for: £37,200Greek Naturalistically Muscled Cuirass - Sold for £23,750King Robert the Bruce of Scotland and Dunfermline Abbey Cokete Seal Matrix Pair - Sold for: £151,250Gandharan Large Meditating Maitreya Statue - Sold for: £30,000Vintage Parliament Square Churchill Maquette - Sold for: £57,040

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