Marble Head of AphroditeGallo-Roman Large Celtic Enamelled Boss PairAnthropomorphic Copper IdolYoung Hercules StatuetteLarge Khmer Statue of a GoddessRoman Parade Helmet with Wrist GuardsMedieval Veneto-Cretan Mother of God IconHarold II - Oxford / Aelfwig - PAX PennyParthian Gilt Silver PhialeEgyptian Alabaster Shabti of a NobleGreek Bronze One-Piece Helmet of Chalcidian TypeBronze Age Massive Brooch with PendantsRoman Gold Ring with Nicolo GemstoneGreek Floral DiademGold Jewelled Annular BroochEgyptian Large Polychrome Ptah-Sokar-Osiris FigureGreek Hellenistic Gold Ring with Nude Hero GemstoneRoman Statuette of a SatyrWestern Asiatic Achaemenid Cut-Glass RhytonByzantine Gold Necklace with PendantRoman Large Dancing Cupid StatuetteGandharan Large Meditating BuddhaScandinavian Viking Sword with Elaborate HiltVespasian - Gold Judea Capta AureusRoman Statuette of Jupiter with ThunderboltIron Age Celtic Enamelled Torc

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